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A novel in vitro tubular model to recapitulate features of distal airways: the bronchioid.

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Innovative three-dimensional models for understanding mechanisms underlying lung diseases: powerful tools for translational research.

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Short-range interactions between fibrocytes and CD8+ T cells in COPD bronchial inflammatory response.

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Probabilistic Cellular Automata modeling of intercellular interactions in airways: complex pattern formation in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

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Muscarinic receptor M3 activation promotes fibrocytes contraction.

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Bronchial Remodeling-based Latent Class Analysis Predicts Exacerbations in Severe Preschool Wheezers.

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Gut bacteriobiota and mycobiota are both associated with Day-28 mortality among critically ill patients

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Asthmatic bronchial smooth muscle increases rhinovirus replication within the bronchial epithelium

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Rhinovirus infection of bronchial epithelium induces specific bronchial smooth muscle cell migration of severe asthmatic patients.

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Circulating fibrocytes as a new tool to predict lung cancer progression after surgery?

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Crucial role of fatty acid oxidation in asthmatic bronchial smooth muscle remodelling.

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Respiratory mycobiome and suggestion of inter-kingdom network during acute pulmonary exacerbation in cystic fibrosis.

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Asthmatic Bronchial Smooth Muscle Increases CCL5-Dependent Monocyte Migration in Response to Rhinovirus-Infected Epithelium.

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3D ultrashort echo time MRI of the lung using stack-of-spirals and spherical k-Space coverages: Evaluation in healthy

volunteers and parenchymal diseases.

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